This is one MYSTERY Shaggy & Scooby can not solve!!

Catherine Fiehn Photography

226 New Haven Ave

Milford, CT 06460


OKAY, so my wonderful landlord said NO to a yard sale because our plaza is so busy lately. (He's great he really is) and this stuff is too good to donate and I need to use the money to buy new wardrobe & props and pay crap can be your crap!!!  But really it's great stuff, but if you have been to my studio, you know I have way too much of it and I need to be able to walk around the studio!  There is a $25.00 minimun for shipment and and no minimum for pick up (you will get a larger bag/box with pick up!) There is no maximum order!! I will gear your box to the preferences on the order page!! The box above is not what you will get it is just an example!!!


Boxes may include craft supplies, vintage items such as hat and costumes, studio wardrobe clothing (new & preowned but still awesome!), jewelry, new or new open box sample make up, pageant props and outfits, toppers etc etc I PROMISE the value of the items will be way over what you would pay retail or at a thrift shop!!